Boy Scout Troop 719 - Eldersburg, MD

Where We Meet:

Wesley-Freedom United Methodist Church

961 Johnsville Road
Eldersburg, Maryland 21784

On the Corner of Rt 26 and Johnsville Road

Boy Scout Troop 719 Eldersburg MD

 15th Annual - Boy Scout Troop 719

Mulch Sale


        Friday, March 29                    2:00pm – 6:30pm

     Saturday, March 30                  7:00am – 6:30pm

       Sunday, March 31                  12:30pm – 4:00p

          Friday, April 5                       2:00pm – 6:30p

        Saturday, April 6   7:00am – while supplies last

Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church

961 Johnsville Road

Sykesville, Maryland

Taking Orders Now!

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Call The Mulch Hotline

(443) 340-1391

Coverage Calculator - 13.5 bags = 1 cubic yard 1 cubic yard = 162 square feet x 2 inches thick

3 cubic yards = 486 square feet x 2 inches thick   5 cubic yards = 810 square feet x 2 inches thick

Bulk Mulch

Double Shredded Hardwood                $25.00/yard

Black Dyed Shredded Hardwood         $33/yard

Local Delivery of 2 or more yards       $20.00

Bagged Mulch (2 Cubic Feet)

Black Dyed Shredded Oak                    $4.00 Picked Up/$4.50 Delivered

Premium Oak Shredded Mulch            $4.00 Picked Up/$4.50 Delivered__________________

About Us:  Boy Scout Troop 719 was chartered in 1958 to the Wesley-Freedom United Methodist Church.  The Troop regularly maintains a scout membership of between 40 to 50 Scouts.  We have a strong and committed adult support team, and our Youth Leadership Program helps Scouts participate in all areas of the BSA scouting.

The troop holds outings 11 months out of the year, with some months having more than one outing.  Our Scouts learn the fundamentals of teamwork, self reliance, and leadership to help them become well rounded, confident young adults.

We hold one Troop fundraiser - our annual Christmas Tree sale.  This helps us fund all of the necessary annual operational expenses and a large portion of the proceeds goes directly towards the Scouts Summer Camp.

Dates We Meet:  Every Tuesday except the second Tuesday of the month.  See our Schedule page for more details.
Troop Meeting Time:  7:00 pm until 8:30 pm in the all stone "old" church on the corner of Rt 26 and Johnsville Road.
Committee Meeting:  Every second Tuesday each month - 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm at Wesley-Freedom "old" church.