Boy Scout Troop 719 - Eldersburg, MD

Where We Meet:

Wesley-Freedom United Methodist Church

961 Johnsville Road
Eldersburg, Maryland 21784

On the Corner of Rt 26 and Johnsville Road

Boy Scout Troop 719 Eldersburg MD

Dates We Meet:  every Tuesday except the second Tuesday of the month.  See our Schedule page for more details.
Troop Meeting Time:  7:00 pm until 8:30 pm in the all stone "old" church on the corner of Rt 26 and Johnsville Road.
Committee Meeting:  every second Wednesday each month - 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm at Wesley-Freedom "old" church.
Upcoming Events:
Food Pantry- January 23rd
Blood Drive- February 13th
Court Of Honor- February 16th
Tubing At Liberty Mountain- February 27th
Food Pantry- February 27th
Elections- March 1st
Geocaching Day Trip- March 5th
TYLT- March 12th
Food Pantry- March 26th
Mulch Sales- April 1st-3rd
Mulch Sales- April 8th-9th
Caving Trip- April 15th-17th
Food Pantry- April 23rd
Court Of Honor- May 3rd
Spring Camporee- May 6th-8th
Blood Drive- May 14th
Food Pantry- May 21st
Food Pantry- June 18th
Backpacking Trip- June 24th-26th
High Adventure Trip- June 26th-July 2nd
Summer Camp- July 17th-23rd
Food Pantry- July 23rd
Hershey Park trip- August 19th-21st
Blood Drive- August 20th
Food Pantry- August- 27th
Elections- September 6th
Assateague Trip- September 16th-18th
Food Pantry- September 24th
Court Of Honor- October 4th
Corn Maze- October 15th
Food Pantry- October 22nd
TYLT- October 29th
Orienteering Day Trip- November 5th
Blood Drive- November 12th
Tree Stand Set Up- November 15th
Food Pantry- November 26th
Lock in- December 9th-10th
Food Pantry- December 17th
Tree Stand Take Down- December 18th